Staff Members 2020-21

Leadership Team

Dr P Hayman BSc (Hons) Headteacher and SEEAT Executive Principal: Strategic Direction/School Improvement & Self Evaluation
Mrs S Bain BA (Hons) NPQH Deputy Headteacher: Pastoral/Curriculum Development/Self Evaluation & CPD
Miss G Fairfax LLB, Maîtrise Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning
Mr N Denton BSc Assistant Headteacher: Assessment & Reporting; School Timetable
Mr B Hayton BA (Hons) Assistant Headteacher: Head of Sixth Form; 14-19 Strategy; National Strategy (Assessment for Learning)
Miss A Hooks MMath Assistant Headteacher: School Timetable
Mr D Struthers BEd (Hons) Director of Teaching School
Mr N Brunning MBa FCA SEEAT Finance & Operations Director

Extended Leadership Team

Mrs C Dell BEd (Hons) SENCo
Miss N Thompson BSc (Hons) Assistant to Head of Sixth Form

Teaching Staff

Mr E Aitken BA (Hons) Geography, Intervention Coordinator
Mr L Ashmore MPhil Science and Physics
Mrs S Bain BA (Hons) NPQH Business Studies
Mrs J Baker BA (Hons) English
Mr M Barnes BSc Psychology
Mr D Bines MSc Mathematics
Ms E Birch BA (Hons) History, Government & Politics
Mr A Bishop BEng (Hons) Science & Physics
Mr L Bortone BA (Hons) Design & Technology: Graphics and Engineering
Dr A Bowman MSci Science and Chemistry
Mr T Britton MPhys Science and Physics
Mrs S Brook BA (Hons) History
Mr A Cains BA (Hons) Government & Politics, Law
Mrs B Carter BA (Hons) Music
Mrs J Clifford BA (Hons) English
Mr J Cottee BA (Hons) Religious Studies
Mrs A Daniels MA Music
Miss M Daly BSc (Hons) Computer Science
Mrs V Dawkins MA English
Mr N Denton BSc Science and Physics
Mrs C Dell BEd (Hons) Physical Education, SENCo, Learning Manager
Mr J Dickens BA (Hons) English
Mrs C Dron MA English
Miss L Dunn BA (Hons) History
Miss G Fairfax LLB, Maîtrise Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs M Feeley BA (Hons) Geography
Mrs S Ferguson MSci Mathematics
Mr J Fraser LLB (Hons) Economics, Business Studies, Law
Mr J Gardner BA (Hons) Computer Science, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Miss L Gittos BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Learning Manager
Miss E González Reyes MA Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E Gotts BA (Hons) Physical Education
Ms E Grant BA (Hons) Mathematics
Mrs J Guy BEd (Hons) Physical Education
Dr P Hayman BSc (Hons) Chemistry
Mr B Hayton BA (Hons) History
Miss A Hooks MMath Mathematics
Mr R Humphrey MA BMus FRSA  Music
Miss E Jardine BA (Hons) PSHEE
Mr M King BSc (Hons) Science and Biology
Miss J Leonard BA (Hons) English
Mrs A Leroux Licence d'Anglais (BA Equivalent) Modern Foreign Languages
Dr M Lillington MChem Science & Chemistry
Mr J MacNamara BComm Economics, Business Studies, Careers and Enterprise Education
Mr D Margett BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Learning Manager
Mrs M Matsi BA (Hons) Design & Technology: Textiles
Mrs R McDermott BA (Hons) Drama
Miss D Meades BA (Hons) Geography, Duke of Edinburgh Manager
Mr T Morgan BA (Hons) Religious Studies
Mr A Morley BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Physical Education
Mr J Nicholls MA Mathematics
Miss O O'Brien BRE English
Miss S Parkin BA (Hons) Design & Technology: Graphics and Engineering
Ms M Pérez Azpeitia MEd Modern Foreign Languages
Miss C Pérez Labrador MA Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs E Piper BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L Prescott BSc (Hons) Design & Technology: Food
Miss H Puddick BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Mrs K Ralston BA (Hons) Design & Technology: Food
Miss M Sathanandan BSc (Hons) Science and Biology
Mrs S Selvarajah BA (Hons) Drama
Miss E Smith BSc (Hons) Physical Education, Learning Manager
Mrs I Smith BA (Hons) Geography
Mr D Struthers BEd (Hons) Physical Education
Miss N Thompson BSc (Hons) Psychology
Miss A Tompkinson BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Miss J Unwin BSc (Hons) Science and Chemistry
Miss D Vaughan MA  Science and Chemistry
Mr P Vinten BA (Hons) Art; Extended Project
Mrs R Vinten BA (Hons) Religious Studies and History
Miss V Wadley-Smith BSc (Hons) Science and Biology, Learning Manager
Mrs R Welsh BSc (Hons) Science and Biology
Mrs R Wilkin BSc (Hons) Physical Education
Mrs A Wright BA (Hons) English
Mr M Yeomans BA (Hons) FRSA Art

Support Staff

Mrs J Argent School Counsellor
Mrs A Attack Technician: Design and Technology
Mr N Banks BSc (Hons) Senior Science Technician
Mr C Bernett Site Team
Ms M Bevins Team Leader for Midday Supervisors
Mrs S Bhardwaj Midday Supervisor
Miss H Bouttell Coffee Shop Manager
Mr N Brunning MBa FCA SEEAT Finance & Operations Director
Mrs S Burns Administrator (HR/SENCo)
Mrs J Cammidge MA Pastoral Support Coordinator (Years 6-8)
Mr G Clapham Site Team
Mrs J Clarke Administrator (Sixth Form)
Mrs L Conlon Technician: Art
Mrs D Cotgrove HR and Payroll Manager
Mrs L Davy BSc ACA SEEAT Finance Manager
Ms L Edgeworth Coffee Shop Assistant
Mrs T Elman High Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Emmerson MA Examinations Officer
Mrs E Emmerton Teaching School Secretary
Mr P Endsor Site Manager
Miss C Gahagan Coffee Shop Manager
Mrs K Galloway-Dugard BA Administrator (Data)
Mrs S Giles BA (Hons) Librarian
Mr S Grajewski Assistant Cook
Mrs R Guthrie Library Assistant
Mrs S Holloway  Examinations Assistant
Mrs T Holloway Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Hughes School Counsellor
Ms D Husbands Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Jarvis Midday Supervisor, Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Jefferson HNC Technician: Science
Mrs S Joscelyne Pastoral Support Coordinator (Years 9-11)
Mr A King Groundsman
Mrs G Klein Administrator (Attendance)
Miss J Knight Finance Officer
Miss C Lawrence Administrator (SLT and Pastoral Support)
Mrs J Leadbeater Headteacher's PA
Miss J Lidbury Technician: ICT
Mrs A Lillis Administrator (Reception)
Mrs L Lim Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Lock BA (Hons) Campaign Manager
Mrs E Lowne BA (Hons) Administrator (SETSA)
Miss B Manicom BA (Hons), PGDip Administrator (Trips, Social Media and Website)
Mrs J Mansfield Admissions Officer
Mrs S Martin Office Manager
Mrs L Matthews Coffee Shop Assistant
Mrs S McCamley Administrator (Events)
Miss C McDonnell Administrator (Finance)
Mr S McHale BSc (Hons) Data Manager
Miss G Osborn Midday Supervisor
Mrs A O'Connell Technician: Reprographics
Mr K Parker Site Team
Mrs K Pell-Johnson BA (Hons) Technician: Food and Textiles
Mr P Potter Catering Manager
Miss K Riddell MA Learning Support Assistant
Mr D Sanders Network Manager
Miss J Scott Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Shaw Technician: Reprographics
Mrs A Sood Administrator (Uniform Shop)
Mrs M Swain Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Taylor Technician: Science
Mrs E Walker Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Walker Technician: Science
Miss T Watson Pastoral Support Coordinator (Years 12 and 13)
Mrs D Webster Assistant Catering Manager
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