Useful Guidance and Support for Students and Parents

Support with exams...

We are often asked - "What is the most effective way to revise and prepare for exams?"

The Learning Scientists are a renowed Education Group who have produced videos on the most effective methods of revision for students, using up to date research in educational psychology.  We highly recommend students visit their website and browse their videos if they need support on revision techniques.

The Learning Scientists - Helpful Revision Techniques

I'm Stressed!

Please make sure to speak to the pastoral support team if you are feeling anxious.  For more help, perhaps visit the website below for useful guidance.

Parent Guide to Support Exam Time


Exams Useful Guidance and Support for Students and Parents Date  
GCSE Guide for Parents 03rd Nov 2022 Download
GCSE Guide for Students 03rd Nov 2022 Download
How Can I Ask For Help? 03rd Nov 2022 Download
Students Guide to Plagiarism 03rd Nov 2022 Download
Preparing to Sit Your Exams - Helpful Tips 04th Nov 2022 Download
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