A Level Syllabus – Textiles

Art Craft and Design: Textiles and Graphic Communication (2 year linear course) - AQA 7201

‘Explore, Excite, Excel’

‘Studying Textiles: Textiles at this level gives you opportunities to be creative and innovative and offers an excellent progression from other creative courses. The work produced is drawn from life itself as well as the individual, and it opens the mind, soul and spirit.’

 Course requirements: Grade A GCSE in creative subjects such as Design and Technology or Art.

You will need to take responsibility for planning and managing your own work as there is a strong coursework component in this subject requiring independent learning and the ability to communicate with others to enhance research techniques.  The skills that you will develop in planning and management, along with the openness of mind and creative thinking, are essential in Higher Education and are highly valued by employers.

Year 1 Key Learning: 

This subject is art-based, using predominantly Textile Art & Graphic Communication. There is no examined theory component, as all work is practical, and theory becomes part of the general teaching. The focus this year is to learn a wide range of art and design skills, including digital design and photographic manipulation, to enable students to produce short projects the second part of the year, setting you on the way to a very successful A level in the second year. Meaningful research is critical in this subject and analytical skills are prevalent throughout this work. Wider issues such as social, moral, ethical and environmental impacts are encountered frequently.

Year 2 Key Learning:

A portfolio/coursework is produced in sketchbook form, and includes a written essay about the project, extensive design work, and a final practical outcome. Abound creativity and flair usually emerge this year, even in students who didn't immediately exhibit such qualities during the first years. A second project, externally set by the examining board, is undertaken in February. This is a shorter version of the coursework project and counts as the examined component. 


The A Level specification consists of the following:

  • Component 1: 7241/C
  • No time limit
  • 96 marks
  • 60% of A-level


  • Component 2: 7241/X
  • Preparatory period + 15 hours supervised time
  • 96 marks
  • 40% of A-level



Students can progress from this qualification to:

  • Careers in any creative sector, such as advertising, architecture, fashion etc
  • Further training in the design and general creative industries, including art foundation
  • Employment in a relevant sector


Other A Level subjects that will complement this course are Mathematics, the Sciences, Design and Technology or it is a suitable contrast with English, History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages. 


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