KS3 Curriculum

Pupils study a wide variety of activities from the following areas; net games, invasion games, striking and fielding games, gymnastics, dance and athletics. Within each of these areas pupils try to acquire and develop a variety of skills, learn how to select and apply these skills and tactics at the appropriate times in a game situation and comment on how to improve each other's' performance. The pupils also develop an understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and the importance of general fitness through the participation of exercise.

KS4 Curriculum

KS4 curriculum

Pupils will build on and embed the skills learnt at KS3. They will use and develop a variety of tactics in team and individual games, in addition to developing their technique and improving their performance in other activities. They will have the opportunity to choose which activities they would like to take part in each term. They will also be introduced to new sports such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and handball. They will also learn about and take part in a variety of different training methods which develop personal fitness and promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Pupils will continue to evaluate their own and others' performances across a range of physical activities to achieve their personal best.

GCSE Syllabus

Subject Title: Physical Education

Exam Syllabus: Level 2 Cambridge National Award in Sports Studies

This qualification offers learners the chance to develop different types of skills through largely practical means; communication, problem solving, team working, evaluation and analysis, performing under pressure, and formulating written findings from practical investigations. 

This course will only be available to a small cohort who will complete the four units over the course of 2 years within their core PE lessons. 

Contemporary issues in sport (assessment at the end of Year 10)

Pupils will explore a range of topical and contemporary issues in sport, relating to participation levels and barriers, the promotion of values and ethical behaviour through sport and the role of high-profile sporting events and national governing bodies in advancing sports' attempts to positively impact upon society and showcase their worth beyond providing entertainment.

Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities (assessment during Year 9)

Pupils will learn about the range of outdoor activities that are available in the UK and be able to identify organisations that provide access to these activities. They will also be able to appreciate the reasons why people become involved in these activities and the risks they face when participating. Pupils will consider how to plan an outdoor activity and will be given the opportunity to participate in two outdoor activities (please note there will be a cost associated with these activities). They will gain an understanding of health and safety and risk assessment in outdoor scenarios, of detailed planning for a group activity with multiple variables, and they will develop their communication, decision making and leadership skills in challenging scenarios and environments.

Developing sports skills (assessment during Year 11)

Pupils will develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies/compositional ideas in both an individual and a team sporting activity, as well as their understanding of the rules to allow them to act in a number of different officiating roles within an activity. They will also consider the use of different practice methods in order to improve their performance. Pupils will be expected to be able to perform to a good / high standard in their chosen activities and will be given the opportunity to complete the Netball Youth Umpire Award to aid their development in this unit.

Sports Leadership (assessment during Year 10/11)

Pupils will develop some of the knowledge, understanding and practical skills required to be an effective sports leader and plan, deliver and review safe and effective sporting activity sessions themselves. They will be encouraged to consider and evaluate their delivery and by doing so develop their ability to communicate with an audience verbally and through practical demonstration, and adapt to develop situations and the different needs and abilities of those they are leading.



Assessment Method

Percentage of final grade

Contemporary issues in sport

Written paper (1 hour) - 60 marks


Developing knowledge and skills in outdoor activities

Centre assessed tasks - 60 marks

(Practical and written assessments)


Sports Leadership

Centre assessed tasks - 60 marks

(Practical and written assessments)


Developing sports skills

Centre assessed tasks - 60 marks

(Practical and written assessments)


KS5 Curriculum

Sixth Formers are allocated one hour a week to come down and take part in activities of their choice.  They also have access to the fitness suite during lunchtimes and free lessons.

Beyond the Classroom

Extra - curricular clubs












Cross Country


Cardio Tennis


Southend League Netball Years 7 & 8

Borough Netball Competition Years 7, 8, 9 and Under 16

Essex Cup Netball Year 7, Under 14 and Under 16

County Netball Tournament Under 14 and Under 16

Southend League Basketball Under 13 and Under 15

Borough Basketball Competition Under 13 and Under 15

Essex Cup Basketball Under 16

Southend League Football Under 13 and Under 15

Borough Football Competition Under 13 and Under 15

Borough Swimming Gala Years 7, 8, 9 and Under 16

Borough Rounders Competition Under 13 and Under 15

Borough Athletics Competition Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

English Schools Track and Field Competition Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Essex School Athletics Competition Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Borough Cross Country Competition Years 7, 8, 9, Under 16 and Under 18

English Schools Cross Country Competition Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Essex School Cross Country Competition Years 7, 8, 9, Under 16 and Under 18

Aegon Schools Team Tennis Years 7, 8, 9 and 10

Road to Wimbledon Under 14

Alongside these competitions we also have friendly fixtures with local schools.

School of Tennis

Through the school of tennis programme we are now able to offer cardio tennis club, after school coaching and the 'she rallies' programme with our tennis coaches from Fusion Lifestyle and Thorpe Bay Lawn Tennis Club. We also currently have 17 Tennis Ambassadors who have opportunities to lead and officiate both within school and at local festivals and competitions.

Team Building days - Year 7 and 10

Both year groups have the opportunity to take part in outdoor and adventurous team building activities as part of the Activity Day programme

Trip to Wimbledon Tennis Tournament


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