Year 7 Overview

Unit 1 - Communities

  • Introduction to PSHEE
  • Understanding what makes a good community.
  • Problem solving and teamwork.
  • Investigating social and moral dilemmas.
  • Understanding rules and consequences.

Unit 2 - Puberty

  • Understanding physical and emotional changes.
  • Knowing how to stay healthy through diet and exercise, as well as maintain a healthy emotional state of mind.
  • Empathising with their peers.

Unit 3 - Careers and Collaboration

  • Considering future career choices.
  • Making links between housing and social status.
  • Designing and creating a business, working together to make decisions.
  • Presenting ideas and building confidence.

Unit 4 -  Britain as a Multicultural Society

  • Understanding and emphasising with the plight of refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Looking at immigration and recognising why people from around the world would come and settle in Great Britain.
  • Investigating cultures and religious beliefs of countries around the world.
  • Creating their own characters from a different social/cultural background.

Year 8 Overview

Unit 1 - Internet safety

  • Looking at positives and negatives of internet use
  • Investigating the dangers of social media sites and understanding appropriate use of text language.
  • Identifying where to go for help and how to report cyber bullying/crime

Unit 2 - Crime

  • Identifying the differences between crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Understanding the reasons why some young people may commit crimes.
  • Looking at the laws surrounding gun and knife crime
  • Debating the issues with crime and punishments in this country.

Unit 3 - Drugs

  • Investigating types of legal and illegal drugs
  • Looking at reasons why people take them.
  • Researching the law in regards to possession and dealing.
  • Presenting ideas and building confidence.
  • Understanding where to go for help and support.

Unit 4 - Mental Health and Body Image and Identity

  • Understanding types of eating disorders.
  • Discussing both positive and negative mental health and wellbeing.
  • Bereavement and Empathy.
  • Family Life – looking at types of families and family trees.
  • Looking at gender and stereotypes

Year 9 Overview

Unit 1 - Sex Education

  • Sexual health and wellbeing including STI’s and how to prevent them.
  • Understanding the consequences of risky behaviour.
  • Contraception
  • Knowing where to go for help and support with sexual health

Unit 2 - Relationships

  • Identifying factors that make a positive relationship
  • Looking at the issues surrounding stereotyping and discrimination
  • Understanding homophobia and transgender phobia.

Unit 3 - Alcohol and Smoking

  • Understanding addiction
  • Understanding the risks involved in binge drinking
  • Identifying long and short term effects of both smoking and drinking alcohol

Unit 4 - Drugs

  • Discussing the age related information they would like to learn
  • Making independent decisions about the relevant learning
  • Researching the most important issues surrounding drugs education that they would like to learn.
  • Presenting their findings to their peers to inform their knowledge and understanding.

Year 10 Overview

Unit 1 – Crime and Punishment

  • Understanding the difference between prejudice and discrimination
  • Looking at the joint enterprise law and consequences of gang crime
  • Watching crime related documentaries to understand real life cases and their outcomes.

Unit 2 – Personal Safety

  • Assessing risky situations both at home and whilst out
  • Discussing ways to stay safe at festivals and parties.
  • Presenting the advice to their peers.

Unit 3 –Arranged and Forced Marriage

  • Understanding the difference between both arranged and forced marriage.
  • Looking at cultural and personal choices
  • Consent and the Law

Unit 4 - Fundamental British Values

  • Recognising the main values
  • Reflecting on what it means to be British

Unit 5 - Disability

  • Looking at both physical and mental disabilities
  • Recognising prejudice and the disability discrimination act
  • Making links between disability and positive mental health

Year 11 Overview

Unit 1 – Teen pregnancy

  • Discussing appropriate ages for a long term relationship, including marriage and children
  • Looking at teenage pregnancy options
  • Consent around the world
  • Where to go for help and support

Unit 2 – Careers

  • Creating a short and long term career path
  • Researching post sixth form options
  • Looking at student finance and budgeting

Unit 3 –Beauty and the media

  • Looking at self-image
  • Understanding how the media influence self-image and esteem

Unit 4 - Revision

  • Understanding how individuals learn through different methods
  • Learning ways of revising
  • Creating and building a personal revision timetable
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