Assembly Theatre Workshop

1st December 2017

On Friday 22nd September, we had a member of the theatre company 'Frantic Assembly' come and do a workshop with us (GCSE and A-Level Drama Students) to prepare for our practical exam. Throughout the day we did a series of activities to build up our knowledge of the company. We learnt how to lift each other and perform sequences of movement to create a story.

By the end of the day we each had a two minute performance that could be used in our exam later on this year. These performances included large scale props such as a doorway, a chair and a table. In some performances, the actors couldn't stop contact with a certain wall or the floor to make the piece more interesting.

My favourite part of the day was an activity called the 'Squeeze Duet' where another A-Level student and I created a moving piece of theatre by interacting with each other through contact and movement, including leans and lifts. 

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