Year 7 Learning Walk

1st December 2017

During the first half of the autumn term, we participated in a couple of Learning Walks in which we, as Learning Council members, observed Year 7 and their use of learning habits in a variety of lessons; the results were really pleasing! One learning habit that we observed being used extremely effectively was Listening. In every lesson we visited, all students used it well and with ease. Many different scenarios saw the use of Listening; from paying attention to the teacher, to hearing what their partner was saying. As well as this, Capitalising was used frequently. Although not in all lessons, the learning habit was used especially in lessons where there were resources that were readily available for them. For example, in History, where students are given textbooks for their own personal use. This will be a really useful skill in due course, as students may be given more opportunities to exercise Capitalising where GCSEs might bring more resources to use. 

However, there were some Learning Habits that weren’t used as frequently or as efficiently. An example is Meta-Learning, which is infamous for being particularly difficult to implement. Meta-Learning is understanding how you learn and what works and doesn’t work for you. An example would be a student understanding that they learn best visually and then applying this to learning through videos and pictures. Be that as it may, Year 7 is a young year group with potential to flourish, and with experience comes the ability to apply all learning habits to the normal lesson environment and in any other scenarios where it would be appropriate. If you are struggling to understand Meta-Learning, don’t be afraid to ask a teacher. In the meantime, ask yourself: What work did I do particularly well in? How did I plan and carry out that work? What techniques and structure did I use? Did I find it easy to understand and navigate? Simply finding out the answers to these questions is your first step into becoming a master of Meta-Learning! Another example of a learning habit that needs a little bit more encouragement was distilling, students found it tricky at times to distil while taking notes. In Geography, for examples, students were encouraged not to write down every word…but they all seemed to be keen to record everything! Year 7 can improve by looking at the learning habits and thinking about how they could fit it into the activity that they are doing and teachers can also help to encourage students to use these learning habit they need a little more help on.

Stella Burzotta 9.2, Emily Yorke-Wade 9.2, Vrinda Patel 8.5

Written by Student Authors
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