Year 9 and 10 Noughts and Crosses Performance

20th July 2018

Friday 13th July was not at all unlucky for our amazingly talented year 9 and 10 students who performed Malorie Blackman's Noughts and Crosses, adapted for the theatre by Dominic Cooke. Students thrived under the expert direction of Coral Nelson and Brandon Outten, two year 12 Drama students, who agreed to take on the massive task of staging the production with very little rehearsal time.

Those involved worked tirelessly to produce a beautifully emotional performance which left audience members in tears. Year 10 students study the play in Drama lessons and it is clear that putting on the production for an audience really helped them with their GCSE studies.

Students had clearly though very carefully about the complex and sometimes dark emotions, themes and relationships that the play tackles. Students had approached their characters with maturity and empathy leading to a performance which challenged audience's perspectives on the divisions within our society.

As a Drama teacher I was incredibly proud of the talented young women and men that we have in the school.


Directors: Coral Nelson and Bandon Outten

Cast: Aimee Gingell, Eleanor Sumner, Tumi Akintemi, Tasnim Tarsey, Maddy Spink, Darcey Severne, Erin Hodgson-Foley, Natasha Sood, Trudy Nelson, Evie Collins, Eleanor Worth, Sky Jenkins, Jessica Tam



Miss R Collins

Drama Subject Lead

Written by R Collins
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