Shirel visits Kenya and donates the money she raised at WHSG

18th September 2018

Last term Shirel Michuki, a year 8 student at WHSG, requested to sell some sweets and cookies to raise money for charity.

Over the summer holidays she travelled to Kenya and managed to visit a children's home where she donated the £35 she raised from the sale.

She also had the opportunity to stay at the children's home for 3 nights and 4 days with the children, to experience a taste of their life. Shirel helped out with all the chores, such as cooking and cleaning.

The children even borrowed some speakers so they could have a disco and they were allowed because of the visitor (Shirel).

Shirel appears in the photos with the children from the home peeling muddy carrots and potatoes.
The lady standing with the girls in the dorm is the one who collects the children from the streets .
It was an eye opening endeavour for Shirel. Well done!
Written by Admin
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