Frantic Assembly Workshop

2nd October 2018

On September 21st, drama students from years 10, 11 and 12 participated in an exhilarating Frantic Assembly workshop. Frantic Assembly is a theatre company that creates unique physical performances that combine movement, design, music and text. They have also toured internationally in over 40 countries.


During our time with Frantic Assembly, we were taught many exciting and interesting exercises that the company use extensively throughout their performances. These exercises involved learning the correct methods to safely lift other students. We also had the opportunity to lift one another above our heads in small groups. Rest assured, all students made it out unscathed!


We then had the privilege of being taught how Frantic Assembly create 'strings of movement'. This involved starting with small tasks like adjusting someone's clothing, before building the movement up to music and creating a storyline from the emotions portrayed.


Overall, everyone that took part in the workshop had an incredible time. It was fantastic to be taught first hand from such an amazing company. It will also greatly help all the students in both their GCSE and A Level drama exams. 

Rachael Travers, Year 12
Written by Student Authors
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