Work Experience- a day at Sky News

14th November 2018

Work experience can provide an invaluable insight into careers and the options available after education. One of our students, Erin Stoner, had the privilege of being invited to work at Sky News for the day.

On Thursday the 1st of November I shadowed an editor at Sky News for the day, working in their social media department, meeting presenters and learning about various roles in the newsroom. I was involved in the editing of a sky news snapchat edition special and was also given the opportunity to write my own miniature article based on firework night to be used in their snapchat edition for the 5th of November.

As an aspiring journalist, this was an incredible opportunity for me to explore the different positions working at a large scale company like Sky. It also allowed me to see whether it would be a suitable job for me as an adult. I adored working there, the fast pace and electric atmosphere was incredible, as well as the variation in day to day work.

I learned that in a newsroom, no two days are the same, and that your work can change in a flash because of the unpredictable nature of news.

Erin Stoner

Year 11

Written by Student Authors
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