Jack Petchey November Winner!

6th December 2018

Our November winner is Coral Nelson, who gives an enormous amount of time to support the school.

She has a passion and a love for Drama and has been helping and supporting the Drama Department for the past two years. Just recently she has been an invaluable part of the Shakespeare School’s Festival, Legally Blonde and even directed and produced Noughts and Crosses with a cast of 18 Year 9 and Year 10 pupils. This was performed in front of an audience in the excess of 100 people. This was an outstanding production and even reduced the audience to tears. She should be very proud of this achievement.

Coral also involved herself in Charity Week, helping the sixth form to raise the money for the worthwhile causes including Meningitis Uk. Outside of school she helps the school community by being a Guide.

She is such a caring, funny and responsible mentor to the younger students she works with. Through her extracurricular activities she is loved by the younger years, who often clap her when she enters a room. She is a calm, composed and positive person who remains this way even if she is in pain or is busy. She is an example of a true inspirational character due to her resilience.

Coral Nelson would like the money to be spent in the Drama Department.

Written by Admin
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