Jack Petchey January 2019 Winner- Maxine Williams

8th March 2019

Our January winner is a pupil who puts the well-being of students before herself and aims to be caring to all she comes across. Maxine is a student who has devoted herself to a number of charitable causes and has raised money for Cancer Research UK in a variety of ways including sponsored silences, bake sales and activity days.

A keen sportswoman Maxine plays netball, participates in cross country and has won an Essex Award for the 200m. She has been an active member of both the year council and school council helping to improve the school community for others.

Maxine is a student who always aims to go above and beyond to support her peers who felt she deserved to be recognised for all that she gives to the school and wider community.

Maxine has chosen to donate her money to the History department to enable students to have the best revision resources available.

Written by Admin
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