Break the Cycle- Dance Fundraiser by Alice Magean

12th March 2019

My project is based upon a real-life story of domestic abuse, illustrating the development of the relationship between high school sweethearts, travelling through life together until things start falling apart, taking an unexpected and unfortunate turn.

I have commenced this project in order to put mental health into perspective, raising awareness about the national issue which silently affects victims, as most of them do not have the courage to speak about these traumatic events due to the stigma attached.

On the evening, the Mayor and Mayoress of Southend made their presence felt, as well as Annette Lowen representing Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP and Emily Reader from my chosen charity, SOS Domestic Abuse Projects, through their informative presentations and contrasting approaches to domestic abuse. Following the event, I have received lots of positive feedback from the audience, being an eye-opening and very well organised evening, the winners further being able to enjoy the presents received from the raffle activity.

Overall, I am pleased with the way in which the evening progressed due to managing to get the right message across through my dance performance, filling the room with emotion, even making some members of the audience cry. Personally, this has been a wonderful experience, which has definitely put in practice my organisational and multi-tasking skills, since I have organised the whole event by myself, including the choreography and creating the complex backing track to accompany this.

In the future, I want to continue to fight and campaign for the rights and protection of victims of domestic abuse by progressing in the law field. In the short-term, I am in the process of becoming a "This Girl Can" Ambassador, being involved with delivering Zumba classes to women across Essex from every background, with the aim of improving the health of the mind, confidence and self-esteem. 

Written by Alice Magean
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