Activity Day 13th March 2019

13th March 2019

Wednesday 13th March was the second Activity Day of 2018/19 and saw the whole school involved in various events in and out of school.

Year 7 were learning about animals of the rainforest, with a visit from DWAEC and the opportunity to see and touch some real lfe animals. Our girls were very keen and brave! Congratulations to Zeba, Zebaba, Lisa-May and Lisa in 7.1 for winning best rainforest animal creation.

Year 8 went on a field trip to IWM Duxford. Ms Dunn said ''One thing that made a real difference was the opportunity to talk to veterans about their experiences in the Blitz. Students have benefited from seeing the difference in technology between WWI and WWII and really enjoyed seeing the 'nuclear detonation counter' and the piece of the Berlin Wall which will connect to their future studies. They were interested in the pre-fabs people lived in after the Blitz and seeing the V1 flying bomb and enjoyed the opportunity to walk through Concorde. (some were not aware that supersonic air travel was possible)''

Year 9 took part in practice interviews with visitors from a variety of industries including the Police force, finance

Year 10 spent the day as Crime Scene Investigators, using science to solve a crime. From gathering evidence, testing for fingerprints to analysing blood samples. A very interesting and immersive day!

Year 11 took part in revision sessions and had the opportunity to learn some mindfulness techniques to help with wellbeing and alleviate stress during the forthcoming examinations. Each student took away a goody bag to help them too.

Sixth form took part in a variety of activities, including Drivers Safety, Introduction to Careers and Genetics workshops.

The school was a hive of activity and all activities were a great success. Thank you to everyone involved to organising and putting together a great programme for the day.

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