Operating Theatre Live

6th November 2019

On Thursday 26th September 2019 Operating Theatre Live took place in the school hall with 60 students from years 10-13.  The students all wanted to find out more about the medical world as well as experience hands on dissection of various animal parts.

The day was led by an experiences nurse who travels all over the country delivering dissection workshops.  The students initially learnt how to prepare a patient for surgery, communicate with them empathetically before calculating and administering an anaesthetic.

Following this session students then dissected a number of complete pigs head in small groups so as to remove the brain and eye.  They learnt a great deal about the dura mater and how this cushions the brain within the skull.

The second dissection involved a complete ‘pluck’ with the heart, lungs, liver and diaphragm all intact.  Students inserted an intubation tube and inflated a balloon to fix it inside the bronchi.  The lung was then inflated to demonstrate how full then lungs can become and the elastic recoil during passive exhalation.  The heart was up next allowing students to recap their GCSE Biology knowledge on heart structure.

In the afternoon students were able to observe (and smell!) a complete pig digestive tract which was surprisingly colourful.  The nurse explained the passage of food through this system and even showed us the role of the anus!

Jodie Hall in 6TMO said: I found this course incredibly interesting as not only were we able to see first-hand different organs in the body that we wouldn’t normally be able to study during our biology lessons, but also we were shown their structure and how they worked as part of a system, which links with the theory we were taught in year 12. The whole day was very well organised and the presenter was very informative which has overall helped me to solidify my want to work in the healthcare sector when I leave school.

It is hoped that this event will run again for more of our students to take part in.

Mr King

Biology Department

Written by Mr M King
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