'Lean on Me'- Black Lives Matter

13th July 2020

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I felt inspired to create a collaborative project to the song, “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers as it reflects the sense of community created by this movement. I openly asked if anyone would like to sing or make an appearance in this video and was overwhelmed with the positive response I received. People from different year groups and backgrounds all came together to create one overall message. I asked them to send me what they wished to share with the world and I received amazing images, signs and a powerful poem written by Tilly Faseyi. It demonstrates Westcliff’s positive attitude towards diversity and how students can come together to overcome adversity, in important times like these. We hope you enjoy - Isabel Beresford-Cole, Year 11.

Appearances made by:

Destiny Agunsoye, Mariama Bah, Rebecca Barratt, Isabel Beresford-Cole, Aimee Cornish, Tilly Faseyi, Rida Fatima , Poppy Froud, Amélie Hoeb, Ella Hossenbux, Laura Howe, Heidi Hoxha, Cici Manwa, Megan Matthew, Trudy Nelson, Lademi Peiters, Prakruti Rao and Sarah Sowunmi.

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