4th January 2021


For those students who are having music instrumental lessons this half term, their timetable will be emailed out this week if it hasn't been sent already. It is very important that students check their emails regularly for any messages from their instrumental teacher. It is also their responsibility to email their teacher if they are unable to attend a lesson.

FIRST HALF OF THE SPRING TERM (Friday 8th January - Friday 12th February)

These lessons will be going ahead as scheduled on the timetable that has been emailed out. Students will be taught remotely via Zoom or Microsoft 365 for the first half term as it stands (up to Friday 12th February). Students must ensure that their device set up ready for the lesson and that they have their music, instrument, pencil and any other equipment required.

Each teacher will be in touch with their students via school email with the link and information for the lessons in advance, so it is very important that students check their emails regularly.

If students have any questions or issues, they must email their instrumental teacher about their lessons (via the school email system), or Mrs Daniels on for anything else.

We hope you all enjoy and make the most of your lessons this term, and we hope to see soon.

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