World Challenge

“For over 30 years, we’ve enabled transformative travel experiences right around the world. These experiences complement school learning, giving students the opportunity to become true life-learners and true global citizens.

It’s the kind of learning that students will carry with them long into the future, learning that can only come from experiencing this amazing planet and the unique cultures that inhabit it..”

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Westcliff High School for Girls has been working with World Challenge for over 10 years and taken several hundred students on amazing expeditions all over the World.

We offer two World Challenge experiences. A ‘short haul’ expedition of approximately 8 days for students in year 9 and 10, and a ‘long haul’ expedition of approximately 3 weeks for students in year 11, 12 and 13.

Recent destinations include:

  • Short haul – Norway, Morocco and Croatia
  • Long haul – Madagascar and Vietnam


During the expeditions students will experience the culture of the destination country, trek across amazing landscapes and participate in community projects. This will develop:

  • Leadership and teamwork abilities
  • Physical and mental resilience
  • A desire for further travel and exploration

Madagascar 2019

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Norway 2018

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