Extended School

What is Extended Schools?

The Core Offer

Varied Menu of Activities (including study support and play) and Childcare

In primary schools this means: access to a varied menu of study support and play activities, combined with good quality childcare, from 8.00am to 6.00pm, five days a week, 48 weeks a year.

In secondary schools this means: the school is available as, or has arrangements to provide access to a safe place to be before/after school hours and in the holidays and offers access to a varied menu of study support and enrichment activities.

Swift and Easy Access to targeted and specialist services

Schools, working closely with other statutory services and the voluntary and community sector, should have a focus on (and clear processes to support) early identification of, and support and intervention for children and young people with additional needs and at risk of poor outcomes. This includes those with behavioural, emotional, health or other difficulties. This should be well embedded within, and supported by, the strategic planning and commissioning of the local authority and other Children’s Trust partners including the PCT. Both schools and the local authority/children’s trust partners will need to take steps to deliver this part of the offer.

Parenting Support

Supporting parents means providing access to: parenting programmes using structured, evidence-based programmes, as well as more informal opportunities to engage with the school and each other; family learning sessions to allow children to learn with their fathers and mothers: information sessions for fathers and mothers at the beginning of primary and secondary phases; information about nationally and locally available sources of information, advice and support.

Community Access

Where a school has facilities suitable for use by the wider community (e.g. playing fields, sports facilities, IT facilities, halls), it should look to open these up to meet wider community needs. The school should look to take a role in supporting the development of the youth offer by opening up its facilities to youth organisations/services as appropriate. The school should also offer access to adult learning programmes. Alternatively, access to adult learning may be provided through other schools within the cluster/another cluster or by existing local community providers.

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