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Westcliff High School for Girls

Year 7

Open Evening 

Please see below details of our Open Evening for current Year 5 students. 



Admission to Year 7

National Offer Day was 1st March 2024.  If your child has received an offer of a place at Westcliff High School for Girls, please note that we will have made contact with you during the week commencing 18th March 2024. 

Westcliff High School for Girls is unable to deal with queries relating to our waiting list for school places in Year 7 for September 2024. 

Please click the following link for Southend City Council Admissions FAQs Southend School Admissions

Parents should contact the Local Authority where they live for any queries:

Southend Schools Admissions Service: admissions@southend.gov.uk    01702 212934

Essex County Council, Planning and Admissions Service: admissions@essex.gov.uk    0345 603 2200

London Borough of Havering Admissions Service: schooladmissions@havering.gov.uk 

London Borough of Redbridge Admissions Service: admissions@redbridge.gov.uk

Admission appeals information is available by written request from the school.  The school will then reply to your request and send you a Notice of Appeal Form to complete.  The deadline for receipt of completed admission appeal documentation was Monday 15th April at 3.30pm.  Appeal Hearings will be heard no later than Wednesday 18th June 2024. 

The clerk to the Appeals Panel will write to you at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing to give notice of the venue, date and time of your appeal.  

Appeal documentation received after 15th April 2024 may not be heard before the end of the Summer Term. 

Determined Admissions Arrangements 2025/26Determined Admissions Arrangements 2024/25Admissions Arrangements 2023/24

11+ Information

This guidance is provided to help parents who are deciding to apply to Westcliff High School for Girls.

Please click the following link to access the CSSE website www.csse.uk.org

The information below shows the lowest scores over the past 3 years achieved by pupils in the 11+ gaining entry to Year 7, broken down by in/out of priority area and for those with preferential consideration (introduced in 2020).

Each year the situation is different.  Sometimes the scores will be higher, sometimes lower.



Priority Area

Out of Priority Area


303.5957 342 (322)


303.1336 327.0621 (320)
2021 303.018 344.041 (323.2703)



364.749 (343.047)



354.749 (344.397)



337.360 (336.517)

* Lowest score achieved to gain entry on 1st March; figure in brackets is lowest score where a place was eventually offered

Entry to WHSG via 11+ September 2023 FAQs


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